At this page we introduce our male Maine Coon cats. The male Maine Coon cat is bigger physically than the female and they also tend to have bigger personalities. Grows between 10-16 inches tall, and up to 40 inches long. Males are a bit more needy in the amount of space that they take up because they can be a few pounds heavier and all around larger than the female. They are more demanding as far as “mommy or daddy and me time”. They are very social and they want to hang out. They need stimulation and plenty of play time. Generally, the male Maine Coon will require more human attention, than the female Maine Coon. So before making a purchase, consider how much available time you have spare each day to devote to your Maine Coon kitten.

All of our male cats, as well as female Maine Coon cats, are tested for carrying genetic diseases transmitted by inheritance. That is why we are sure of the robust health of our Maine Coon kittens.

At this page we present our male Maine Coon cats, their photos, pedigree and information on the genetic tests of each of them.

Royal Maine Coon Leopold

Breed: Maine Coon

Color TRed smoky (MCO ds)

DOB 04/13/2019

Sir: WCH Family Talisman DJ Best MCO a (gen as)

Dam: Ch. Yusha Sanatacun MCO f

SBT: 040719 065 TICA Registration

Genetic tests: PKD | SMA | HCM

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