At this page we introduce our female Maine Coon cats. The females are a bit smaller than the males; it may not seem like much but a few pounds and an inch or two can be a big difference if you live in a smaller space. The females are also a bit more cautious when it comes to “letting loose” around people.

They are outgoing and friendly, but not to the extent that the male Maine Coons are. The ladies are a little more reserved and laid back.

Each female Maine Coon cat is tested by us for carrying cats genetic diseases. Also you can see the photos and pedigree of our female Maine Coon cats.

Therefore, if you decide to buy a Maine Coon kitten in our Cattery, you can be sure that you get really the best breed and healthy kitten.

Royal Maine Coon Frozen

Breed: Maine Coon

Color White odd Eyed (w63)

DOB 09/10/2019

Sir: Takaramono Hitoshi MCO ns 2503

Dam: Forest Lynx Estee Launder MCO w62

SBT: 091019 072 TICA Registration

Genetic tests: PKD | SMA | HCM

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