Pedigree Mamonth Line Laura

Parents Grand parents Grand Grand parents Grand Grand Grand parents

Ch Mamonth Line Cris

MCO d 03 23

GICh Dalaj Altan Khatan

MCO d 23

Ch Great Pride Halif

MCO n 03

Country Gulliver's Absolute Class MCO n

Energy Jump of Cadazz MCo a 02

Great Pride Florida

MCO d 23

Amur Krasnyi Dar*Ru MCO f 03 23
Mamma Mia Krasnyi Dar*Ru MCO f 03 23

Ch V'Kalissa

MCO d 03 22

GICh Imperia Helen Aslan

MCO d 09 22

GICh Artur of Spica MCO d 22
Mechta Urala Tessa MCO f 23

Imperia Helen Elisse

MCo f 22

WCh Pillowtalk's Zandoran MCO d 22
Ch HillbillCat's Melanite MCO n 22

Forest Boss Glucoza

MCO n 22

Dreamskeeper Aragon

MCO n 22

Sherlynx Wilber

MCO n 22

GICh DK*Coonation's Momotombo MCO n 22
IT*HoneyBee Victoria MCO fs 24

Dreamskeeper Paola

MCO f 22

Ch Largo Long Meadow MCO n 24
Eshka Dream's Keeper MCO f 09 22

Demi Moore Forest Boss

MCO n 22

Ch Arnold New Star

MCO n 22

Ch Yastreb Kristi's MCO n 22
Lucky Perfection MCO f 22 

Ch Milagros Best Lubodar

MCO a 09 22

Ch Vazhaja Osoba Mavr MCO n 09 22
Country Gulliver's Vanda Best MCO ns 09
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