Pedigree Forest Lynx Zabava

Parents Grand parents Grand Grand parents Grand Grand Grand parents

Takaramono Hitoshi

MCO ns 25 03

GCh Fluck Of Cadazz

MCO ns 09

Ch Bloomingtree Status Quq

MCO ns 25

Ch Stoerkanals Ramazotti MCO as

Ch Bloomingtree Morning Star MCO ns 25

Extra Beauty of Cadazz

MCO g 02

GICh Pillowtalk's King Creole MCO as 03
ICh Usambara of Baydar MCO g 02

Ch Kiwano's Deeva Hari

MCO fs03

Kiwano's Kaga Hombori

MCO ds 22 09

Big-Hannibals Pokerface MCO n 22 09
Ch Starlight of Wild Bumble-Bee MCO ds 22 09

Lady Paris Hilton Of Mount Steele

MCO f 09

Korben Dallas of Mount Steele MCO n 23
Racoone's Kianna of Mount Steele MCO n 23

Forest Lynx Estee Launder

MCO w 62

Samadhpark Elizar Brilliant

MCO w 62

Ch Chico of Beyrouth CZ

MCO d 22

Ch Oldestrage New York, USA, JW MCO n 22 09
GICh Olivia of Midnigh Colony, CZ MCO e 22

Elite Mosbogema

MCO w 62

Pillowtalk's Ice Gold MCO w 63
Ch Pillowtalk's El Plaza MCO ns 22

Ch Erema

MCO n 22

Ch Gladiator Gonsior Line*Ru

MCO n 22

Bujan Gonsior Line*Ru MCo n 22
Genvine Queen of Rainbow Valley MCO f 23

Gemma Don Coon*Ru

MCO n 22

ICh Big Giants Wellongton MCO as 22
Abby Don Coon*Ru MCO n 22
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